I can tell you love what you see, now let's chat!

Your family portraits are important, they will grace your walls for years to come! Let's chat to make sure we "click"(pun intended)! We will create gorgeous images of your family or that will stand the test of time!


Chapter One--let's make a date

Before your family or portrait session, let's talk about what you want! I want to know all about your family! Does your son have a special blanket that he never lets go of? Is there a toy your daughter takes everywhere? Maybe you're nervous that the kids won't sit still or that no one has ever gotten the perfect image of everyone together. I want to know your style, all the things that are unique to your family, and how I can make everyone comfortable! We can talk about what to wear and the best location for your family's portraits! Have no fear, your images will be anything but ordinary and EVERYTHING you have dreamed about!

Chapter two--ready, set, smile

Today we shoot! I already know you...we may not have met in person, but I know all about you from our consultation! Today is all about capturing your smiles, the little moments and interactions between you and your family! We might have snacks, we might play games, we may need to run around or blow bubbles! Today its all about having fun while creating timeless images of your family! The love you have for each other, the things you love to do, your personal style, all of this should shine through today! 


Little Girls-6.jpg

Chapter Three--Let's make something amazing

A couple weeks after your session, we will get together again! This can be in your home, my home, or even a coffee shop! I will bring your favorite dessert and a gorgeous slideshow of your image! You can choose your favorites, and we can make something amazing! The options are endless, but I will be there guide you through the whole process! When your prints or canvases (or photo gifts) arrive, they will be expertly packaged and hand delivered!


Have questions? Want to chat more?