I can tell you love what you see, now lets chat!

This is your wedding, your BIG day, lets talk about what you're looking for in a photographer! You're looking for the complete package, the whole experience, someone who "clicks" (pun intended) with you! Here is what you can expect from me!


Chapter One--getting to know you

We're going to get together and chat a bit about you! I want to know how you met, and what you like to do as a couple! We can talk about your wedding, your vision, your deepest photographic desires! 


Chapter Two--practice makes perfect

Now that we know each other, its time to snap a few pics! We will head out to a fabulous location, or chill out and do a lifestyle engagement session! I want you to be as comfortable as possible when you're in front of the camera, so think of this as a "practice session"! Oh, and you'll get some great photos to share with your family!

Chapter Three--Proper prior planning

It's almost here! We are in the home stretch now!! A few weeks before the wedding, we will sit down and hammer out all the details! We will nail down a fabulous timeline of events, and a list of shots that can't be missed! We do this so that there is nothing to worry about on THE day! You can relax and go with the flow, and be confident that nothing will be missed or overlooked!

chapter four--the big day

Today is the day you have been waiting for, the day you have been dreaming about! I will be with you from sun up to sun down and beyond! Enjoy every moment, and know that everything you want will be captured in timeless and gorgeous images!



Chapter five--lets create something amazing

A couple weeks after the wedding, after everything has settled down, we will meet again! I will show you your images in a stunning slideshow! You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite images, and create something beautiful! The options are endless!


What do you think? Ready to get started?